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Our Promise To Our Clients:

S.P.I.S promises to keep the strictest confidentiality regarding any cases that we do for our clients unless we receive their permission to share it with the public, this includes releasing any photographs, evp recordings, or whatever we may encounter on an investigation. We understand how hard it may be to contact us for help regarding the sensitive nature of possible paranormal activity and we promise to listen to your problem with sensitivity, understanding, and compassion and to be as discreet as possible. 

We promise to offer any help that we can in finding a resolution and an understanding of what is happening and why. With your permission, we will set up our equipment in your home or business to try to capture any evidence and find and explanation for the paranormal activity.

We promise to bring the highest level of privacy and professionalism and a comfortable atmosphere to any case that we investigate. We are a non-profit  organization, we do not charge for conducting our investigations. 

Each investigation is conducted in  a professional manner in which any evidence of paranormal activity captured, is documented and a copy is given to our clients. 

Our mission is to help our clients by researching, investigating, trying to find the cause of the paranormal activity through scientific methods of deduction and debunking, and hopefully to bring closure and peace of mind to our clients. 

We are based out of 

Solomons, Maryland.

S.P.I.S is based out of Solomons, Maryland. 

The S.P.I.S team is Founder/Lead Investigator: Julie Susalla, Co-founder/Lead Investigator/ Tech Manager: Geneva Jamsa, Psychic/Medium/Lead Investigator: Jay Hower,  Investigator: Jordon Gerber

The S.P.I.S Team members each have extensive experience in paranormal investigation,and each has had their own numerous paranormal experiences. 

Are you having paranormal activity and need us to conduct an investigation?

If you are experiencing paranormal activity, and would like us to come and do an investigation, please go to our "Request an Investigation" page and leave your name, contact information (ie: phone number, email address, address, etc.) and a description of your paranormal activity that you are experiencing and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible!!! Our mission is to help those who are having paranormal activity find answers for the activity through scientific investigative methods while providing a calm, understanding and reassuring atmosphere in our investigations, we will keep all of our findings in our investigations confidential unless you, our client, gives us your permission to share our findings with the public!

Share your story with us!

We've added a new page to our website where you can share your paranormal experiences with us or why and how you became interested in investigating the paranormal. Please feel free to share with us so we can put your story out there!! You may contact us through this website or at if you need advice or help with paranormal activity.

Check out our blog page! (Coming soon)

S.P.I.S Paranormal Investigative Society has a blog page where we have many articles relating to the paranormal. Please feel free to check it out!!

Visit To The Old Idaho State Penitentiary

While visiting family in Idaho, Founder Julie Susalla took the opportunity to visit the Old Idaho State Penitentiary. The Penitentiary has been featured on Ghost Adventures. Although many buildings still stand, some have reached a state of total collapse. Even though the prison has been closed for a number of years, it still gives one an eerie feeling of being watched by unseen residents or inmates. This prison is a must see for people interested in investigating the paranormal! "I got the distinct feeling of being watched as I visited each of the remaining and standing buildings, especially when I walked through the Death Row cell block and the Gallows area!" stated Founder, Julie Susalla. To see more pictures of the prison, please go to the photo gallery page and check in the album "Old Idaho Penn." 

S.P.I .S Team To Investigate At The Haunted Cottage In Harper's Ferry!!

On July 23 and 24 2011, the S.P.I.S Paranormal team will be participating in a investigation and training at one of the nations premiere training facilities for paranormal investigators. "Although each of the team members has extensive experience in paranormal investigation, we believe that you can always learn something new or a new way of investigation" stated founder, Julie Susalla. "It will be fun and interesting, and who knows what we might get on the investigation" stated lead investigator Geneva Jamsa.

S.P.I .S Paranormal Investigates The Haunted Cottage In Harper's Ferry, WV.

"On July 23, 2011 the S.P.I.S team had the opportunity to investigate The Haunted Cottage in Harpers Ferry, West VA. It is a small cottage built in 1830. They advertise that they offer a full 8 hour investigation at one of the nations premiere training facilities for paranormal investigators for $80 per person. We had the good fortune to get this offer for half off the original price after finding a coupon. 

We arrived at 8pm ready to begin our experience but due to another group of people investigating, our start time was delayed but only by a few minutes. While our very kind host was fairly knowledgeable, we thought the presentation had some good information but was too long (3hours). Upon the conclusion of his talk at 11:15 pm we were given a brief tour, showed us what areas were off limits (living qtrs) and he advised that he would check on us throughout the night. He also told us that all of the lights were to remain on. 

Our investigation was somewhat disappointing in the fact that there seemed to be no activity. We were also a little disturbed that the host retired for the remainder of the night shortly after we began our investigation and we were left alone. Since there were only 4 areas to investigate (attic, 2 bedrooms and the cellar) we were done before the end of our session which was 3am. 

Although our team was disappointed by the lack of activity and over all experience, that does not mean others who choose to investigate the cottage won't have any activity. As we all know, 'ghosts' don't show up on cue. "

Welcome to the Serious Paranormal Investigative Society website!!