S.P.I.S Team

Julie Susalla - Founder, Lead Investigator, Empath

Julie Susalla:   55 years old. Has 3 children,

four grandchildren. Lives in New Windsor, MD. Hobbies: Gardening, growing my own farm fresh eggs, jewelry making, paranormal investigating (more of a passion than a hobby), being out in nature, meditation. I have been interested in the paranormal since the 1990's after having experiences that I couldn't explain away. I have seen, heard, and felt deceased pets that came back to let me know their ok and in a better place. I have heard the dis-emboded voice of a former convict tell me to "get out" while walking through the death row cell block at the old West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville. I have seen apparitions of civil war soldiers at Gettysburg, I have had an experience where a spirit took the form of a person in the group I was with one night while investigating in Gettysburg. It stood right next to me and even talked to me and I responded thinking that I was talking to the person in my group. One little problem though, the person I thought I was talking to was at the other end of the bridge we were on and when I looked to

my right side where the spirit was, it was gone. I have heard my mother-in-law's voice two days after she died, say "Hi", and I have smelled my father-in- law's cologne after he had passed, which my husband didn't have at that time. I have been visited by my deceased father-in-law in a dream urging me to send my husband home to California to see his mother in an Alzheimer's unit, which he went and spent a week with her. A day after he came home, she passed away from an aneurism. I have had bouts of intuition about things that ended up coming true. All of these things is what got me interested in the paranormal and investigation because I want to find answers to why all this is happening and to find out what it is like on the other side of the veil. Paranormal Investigation is a passion with me, almost like an addiction because the more I have experienced the more I want to experience and find answers why spirits are still here, and what they have to tell us.

Geneva Jamsa - Co-Founder/Lead Investigator/Tech. Manager

Medical Assistant at Cross Roads Medical Associates in Ellicott City, MD, EMT for Montgomery County Fire & Rescue. Lives in Burtonsville, Maryland.

Jay Hower - Psychic/Medium/Investigator

Jay Hower: 34 years old. Chef De Garde at Tyco Electronics, lives in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Social Worker at Choices Coordinated Care Solutions, lives in Frederick, Maryland.

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