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S.P.I.S Code of Conduct

S.P.I.S is a team of serious paranormal investigators. When you become a member of the S.P.I.S team, you must read and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct or Guidelines for this team. As long as you are a member of S.P.I.S, you must remember that you are always representing S.P.I.S, even on your own time so please keep that in mind.

Code of Conduct:
1.) We must remember to treat each other with the utmost dignity and respect at all times regardless of race, creed, color, or religious beliefs! No disrespect or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated, this also goes for the way we act towards other paranormal investigators or paranormal investigative groups. In order for this team to function like a well oiled machine, we must follow these guidelines.
2.) Although we all like to have fun, we must remain professional, respectful, and serious about what we are doing while on an investigation.

3.) S.P.I.S has a "no provoking or use of negative comments to the spirits" policy in effect, we can communicate with and get responses from spirits while on an investigation without using negative, insulting and disrespectful comments.

4.) We will treat everyone we encounter and every place we investigate, including any spirits that we may come in contact with, with the same dignity and respect that we give to each other! This goes for other paranormal groups as well! 

5.) Communication is a must in the team if we are to keep the  S.P.I.S team running smoothly and growing. If any team member should have a problem another team member, please go to that person and work it out in a peaceful, adult manner. Please keep ego's in check!

6.) Everyone and every paranormal group has their own way or style of investigating. It is not for us to criticize or judge the way someone or some other group conducts an investigation.

7.) Anyone showing up for team meetings, team events, or investigations while under the influence of drugs, including prescription drugs or alcohol where it will affect your ability to function with a clear head, will be told to go home! If you are on pain killers, please stay home and recuperate!

8.) Because we all live so spread out from each other, we as a team will meet up with each other at the site of the investigation 30 minutes before the investigation is scheduled to start to plan on where, and to set up the equipment so we can start the investigation on time. It is unprofessional to be late for an investigation. If you find that you will be arriving late for a scheduled investigation due to unforeseen circumstances, please call and let us know. Making it a habit of being late for an investigation will not be tolerated! 

9.) As a member of the S.P.I.S team, everyone's input on places to investigate, and what we do as a team is very much appreciated, we are a team and will discuss all things as a team. 

10.) While doing an investigation, there may be a time that we may encounter a spirit or have an experience that may startle or excite us, but we must try and keep a level head and remain calm if we encounter anything. If we give in to fear and excitement and react accordingly, we will contaminate any audio evidence we may be capturing.
11.) S.P.I.S is not responsible for any injury that occurs while on any team event or investigation!  

12.) Any team member who repeatedly violates the Code of Conduct will be permanently released from the S.P.I.S team. Do you fully understand, and agree to abide by all rules of the Code of Conduct as hereby stated? 

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