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Why are you interested in becoming a member of this group?

I was with another paranormal investigating group and the founder taught me a lot about paranormal investigation. For that I am extremely grateful, however I found that I didn't like somethings that were going on in the group as far as behavior towards other paranormal groups, former members of the group etc. I decided to leave and form this group, a better group where people are treated decently, and treat others and other groups with the respect they deserve.

Would you like to be a paranormal investigator in SPI?

All ready am!!

What if any, paranormal experiences have you had?

I have had an expierence with an unseen "guardian" angel who grabbed my arm to keep me from falling down a steep hill, I have seen beloved pet s who were deceased come back to say goodbye, I have expierenced smelling my deceased father-in-laws favorite cologne two days after he died when we had no such cologne in our house, i have seen a full bodied apparition of a confederate soldier at Gettysburg at night, I have heard the voice of a little girl that was reputed to have been murdered by soldiers at Gettysburg during the battle, I have been visited my desceased father-in-law in my dream urging me to send his son (my husband) to go see his mother (who had Alzhimer's) as quickly as possible, one day after he had returned home from visiting her, she had a brain anurisim and died. Had I not sent him home he  wouldn't have been able to see her again.