Co-existence In The Paranormal Community, & Learning To Ignore The Antics Of Non-Believer's

Posted by Serious Paranormal Investigative Society on September 23, 2011 at 5:10 PM

Since I became a paranormal investigator almost 9 years ago, I've been noticing how much pettyness there is going on among some, and I say "some" paranormal groups. I don't understand what the problem is. I have seen members of a group complain about other paranormal groups, saying that "they don't get anything like we do."  or just being vindictive in their actions towards other groups or members of other paranormal groups. My question as a paranormal investigator is: "Why can't we all just get along and just support each other? We should be happy for the group that is lucky enough to "capture" evidence of the paranormal instead of tearing down their results and findings. We should also support each other and help each other!! Also, everyday I see how some paranormal investigators or psychics are "attacked" verbally by people who don't like them because of what they do, or their choice of lifetyle, and usually these verbal attacks are vicious and cruel.  If you don't believe in the possibility of spirits, ghosts or the paranormal, that's fine, some people just have closed their minds to that being possible, but PLEASE don't attack someone for what THEY believe in or for THEIR CHOICE OF LIFESTYLE!!! Everyone has a right to the persuit of happiness, what ever that means to them, even it means being a paranormal investigator, or their lifestyle choice!!! This is why we live in the U.S.A., the land of the free! I have also notced more and more lately how non-believers in the paranormal like to pull "pranks" on paranormal groups by calling them or emailing them to supposedly hire them to do an investigation but either giving them false information such as a false address for the location, or a real address but not one they have ownership of. The reason that I bring this up is, recently this has happened to S.P.I.S Paranormal Investigative Society and I would like to state that although the person or person involved think that this was or is funny, we (S.P.I.S) are not idiots, we check out every detail out when we get a call from someone claiming to have paranormal activity that gives us their information. We research and try to validate the information we are given. So although they may think this is funny which it is not, they only waste some of our time, and all of their efforts and end up looking like juvenile idiots!!  So in conclusion of this topic, we in the paranormal community need to accept the fact that there will always be the occasional "dumb ass" out there that will waste your time pulling their "practical joke" by "fake hiring" you and we need to file their information in the local tash bin because they're just not worth our time and energy!!  We also need to co-exist peacefully and support each other as paranormal investigators and paranormal groups.

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