Top Ten Mistakes in Paranormal Investigation

Posted by Serious Paranormal Investigative Society on April 8, 2010 at 4:35 PM

   1. Being Rude

Not thanking the owner or manager is a bad thing to do and could have an unhappy outcome on your investigation and possible future investigations let alone your reputation. Always remember to thank everyone involved!!!!

   2. Not Applying A Cultural Context To The Possibility Of A Ghost

When researching the spirit activity at a location, make thorough notes of the time period in which they were alive. This will ensure better communication with the spirit.

   3. Not doing Research

It is strongly recommended that you conduct research into the location, as you may discover more than you bargained for. This ties directly into point two.

   4. Assuming Everything Is Paranormal

Only when no other explanation for the phenomena can be given can evidence be presented as proof of paranormal activity.

   5.Just Watching The Video Footage, But Not Listening 

It is highly recommended that you watch each video of  your paranormal investigation a number of times, as you may pick up something more on the second, third, or even a fourth time you watch it.

   6. Having Teams Made Up Of A Single Sex

By having an all male or all female team, you could miss out on the opportunity to capture phenomena at work.

   7. Taking Everything Too Seriously

Investigating the paranormal can be difficult  and unrewarding affair.You can quickly lose focus and miss evidence. By taking breaks or a "breather" and relaxing with yor team members, you will allow yourself to calm down and approach different areas of your location with a refeshed mind and attitude.

   8   Reusing Cassettes.

Never reuse audio or video cassetts if  you have used them during an investigation. This may make the prospect of investigating the paranormal more expensive, but buy doing this, you eliminate the chances of evidence being just the result of sounds or images existing on a reused tape. We recommend using DVD camcorders, or those that record direct to flash cards. These can be wiped and formatted, and you eliminate any possibility of the above. 

   9.   Not Listening To Suggestions Of  Your Team Members And Proprietors

Just because you cannot explain the phenomena you are catching, doesn't mean somebody else cannot. Be open to other points of view from your group and also those of the venue's owners-after all they know the location better than anybody.

   10. Going to locations Alone

Never, never, never attend an investigation alone. It has been kown for people to lie in wait for paranormal investigators, as you will invariably be carrying a lot of expensive equipment that can easily be sold. Let people know where you will be, and keep a cell phone with you at all times-nothing is worth more than your personal safety!

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