"Get To Know Your Ghosts"

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There are four types of hauntings in the paranormal world, Poltergeists, Residual Haunting, Intelligent Haunting, and Demonic Haunting. The first one we will talk about is Poltergeist.


Poltergeist is a German word meaning "noisy spirits". Reports of Poltergeist activity date back to ancient Rome. The activity usually centers around one certain person in the household, usually a teenager and most times that of a female. It may seem that the poltergeist activity may be the most active when this person is in the house and may dwindle down or cease all together when that person is absent. This person is usually under an extreme amount of stress or has recently gone through a highly emotional period.

In most cases the female teenager is unaware that she is controlling the energy around her and is causing the poltergeist activity herself. If this person is highly stressed it is recommended that this person gets medical help and usually the activity will cease. However there are cases where a person who is stable and in the right mind space can have poltergeist activity as well.

The majority of the time the poltergeist is witnessed by several people but again is usually centered on one particular person.

The activity that takes place usually starts with a series of loud bangs and knocks and can escalate into furniture sliding across the floor, dishes or objects being hurled across the room or beds shaking.

When it is not the teenager that is manifesting the activity, there are usually several spirits in the area that appear to pool their energy together to make them strong enough to move large objects and make more noises.

In order to fix the situation, one must find the cause of their anger so they can go into the light and leave you in peace. In most poltergeist cases they will disappear without any warning just as they appeared. In certain cases, it may stop within a few days or at other times it may take many years for the activity to stop.

You may never know the reason why the activity happened, most people are just grateful that it stops and that's good enough for them. If you are one of the lucky ones who is able to understand and know why the activity started, you are better able to keep it from coming back again. Knowledge is the key to protecting yourself!

Residual Haunting

The most well known type of haunting is called a Residual Haunting. A Residual Haunting is like a recorded video in time that keeps playing over and over. The energy of a person gets stuck in a time warp and it keeps repeating the moment in time over and over again. This person seen in a Residual Haunting may be screaming, crying or doing something else that they were doing when whatever violent or sudden action occurred to cause this traumatic event to happen. People may even hear the sound of footsteps walking in hallways or up or down stairs.

Most times, the repeated event is whatever the activity the person who left the energy behind did often or an important thing they remembered happening to them. It is like their energy has become part of the building that they once lived in or worked in on a regular basis, These hauntings always happen in the same place at the same time.

There is not much that you can do when you have this type of haunting except make the family aware that this is just a loop in time so to speak and that it will not hurt anyone. There is no actual entity present, it is just the energy that was left behind playing itself over and over again. Even though it is not aware of anyone being present it is scary for someone to witness this type of haunting in their home or business.

This activity may happen every night, week, month or year. It is the most frequent haunting that paranormal investigators will come across on an investigation. An investigator will tell you that there is nothing they can do to stop or get rid of this type of haunting and they are right. The only thing you can do as a home owner or business owner is to either accept it as a unique "perk" of your home or business or to sell your home or business and move to someplace else. Remember, this type of haunting cannot hurt you!

Intelligent Haunting

An Intelligent Haunting is where the spirit or entity is aware of its surroundings, and the people in it. In this type of haunting, the spirits are not confined to just one spot, they can move around freely and will acknowledge the existence of people and may even try to communicate with them. Let's say you are asking a question of the spirit like "Can you tell me your name?" In an intelligent haunt, the spirit may answer your question.

They are limited in what they can do, most of the time they can move light objects, they are looking for people to notice them but usually end up scaring people a great deal instead.

Usually the peak time for this type of haunting to happen is between the hours of 11 p.m. 4 p.m. It is during these hours that spirits seem more able to make themselves more visible because they are the darkest hours of the night. Most of the time they are not strong enough to show themselves during the day, because it takes to much energy to make themselves visible, although some people have witnessed this happening. An example of this would be to turn on a flashlight during the day, you would hardly see the light, but if you turned it on at night in the dark, you would clearly see the light. This is how spirits work, if they use up too much of their energy in the daytime, they will be too weak to become visible at night or make their presence known.

These spirits can be mischievous, or benevolent depending on why they are haunting a location, and there can be several reasons why. They could be haunting because they've discovered that a child can see them and so they feel notice and are willing to "hang around" because of this. They may

be haunting because this was once their home or business and do not wish to leave it, and they want you to leave. There may be something in the home or business that they are attached to and are staying because of some emotional bond they have with it. they may also be looking for something or someone, they may not even be able to accept the fact that they have died. Whatever the reason is, they are there and are unwilling to move on.

Now, how to get rid of them? They are not inhuman entities so getting a priest to get rid of them will probably not be helpful. You are limited in what you can do to get them to leave. You can try to tell them that they are dead and need to "go into the light", but if they are unwilling to move on by themselves you are stuck with them. So either accept them and co-exist with them or move to someplace else!

The last type of haunting is probably the worst and most feared... a Demonic Haunting.

Demonic Haunting

Demons are one of the more well known inhuman entities around and fortunately they rarely attach themselves to a person or place. It is usually very easy to figure out their identity unless they are hiding. In a demonic haunting, you will usually notice a strong acrid smell of sulfur or rotting flesh. This smell will be so strong it will make you sick to your stomach. They also let loose a growl that sounds like it is all around you. You can be pushed, shoved, hit or even scratched by one of these entities. The air in the surrounding area will feel very thick, and hot.

These entities are very strong and unlike people are not afraid to show it, people have been reported to have been thrown through the air and attacked. They like to break down a person's free will to make it easier to possess them. It can take anywhere from days, months or years for this to happen, time is not a concern to them, they have all the time in the world to complete their task.

Their hatred of mankind goes all the way back to the time of God and Lucifer or Satan as some have called him. They were around for many eons before man and will be around long after mankind is gone, so please understand that although you may be able to get rid of them with the help of a priest, you will never be able to destroy them.

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