Everyone has their own style of investigating, but......

Posted by Serious Paranormal Investigative Society on January 18, 2011 at 5:00 PM

   I know that everyone has their own style of investigating but when you investigate as part of a team it is really important to be a team player! Each member of the team would like to have their chance to ask questions, to have some quiet time to listen for contact from the spirits, be it a disembodied voice, tapping, footsteps or anything else out of the ordinary. They also want to be able to just sit and observe their surroundings for shadow people, things moving by themselves, temperature changes etc. When one member of the team monopolizes the investigation by asking non-stop questions, refusing to let other members use their equipment because it may be caught on their video camera or refusing to let other members have a chance to ask a question, it  kind of ruins the investigation for everyone!

   Everyone on the team is equally important to the investigation and everyone should have a chance  to ask a question, take pictures, and use their equipment. The more equipment used to try and catch evidence of spirit activity, the better! The reason we write this is based on a recent experience. I know some may say it sounds like sour grapes but we look at it as passing on our experience and advice to others who are just getting into the field of paranormal investigation. Therefore, S.P.I.S Paranormal Investigative Society would like to share how we do an evp session with those who have never done one before. During our evp sessions we also take pictures with our digital camera's and use any of our other equipment. The following is a guideline on how we do an evp session.

1.) When getting ready to do an evp session it is best to find a safe place to set our digital recorder down once we have turned it on, this prevents noise contamination from holding it in our hand.

2.) After we have turned the digital recorder on, we state the date, time, location of the evp session, and our names. We proceed to ask the spirits for their name, or age, or the year etc. and then we wait at least 30 seconds or more before asking another question to give the spirits a chance to give a response. We take turns asking the questions and we try to be as respectful as possible when doing investigations and do not insult or call the spirits names because one, that's being disrespectful and two, we could attract a negative or angry spirit which is not what we want to do!

3.) During our evp sessions we always observe our surroundings for shadows/shadow people, apparitions, things moving on their own such as a door opening or shuting on it's own, a curtain moving when the window is shut, objects moving by themselves, our EMF meters going off, temperature change,disembodied voice etc. all of these could mean the presence of a spirit.

4.) If for some reason someone on the team coughs or sneezes or makes a noise during an evp session, mark it by saying that when it happens. This will help when reviewing later to know that it wasn't anything paranormal.

5.) We usually keep our evp sessions at about 3 minutes or a little more per session, it makes it easier  when we go to review.

6.)  When we get ready to end an evp session, we always, always say thank-you to the spirits for talking with us and sharing their space with us, this shows respect for them and they may talk to us and they may talk to us again in the future.

Well, I think this will help those who are just getting into paranormal investigation have good evp sessions! There is no one way to investigate, everyone has their own style of investigating. Just be a good team member and share the investigation with the other members on the team!

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