Top Ten Tips for Paranormal Investigation

Posted by Serious Paranormal Investigative Society on April 8, 2010 at 8:20 PM

   1. Conduct A Preliminary Investigation And Analysis

Conducting a visit prior to your investigation will give you a better handle on what type of activity is going on.

   2. Always Carry Some Form Of Identification

It has been known, and is not uncommon, for paranormal investigators to be questioned by the police, villagers, and local authorities during their investigations. We also recommend that you have express permission, if needed, to conduct your investigation, and keep the documentation with you during your investigation.

   3. Conduct Your Investigation Between The Hours Of 10 pm And 5 am

This may seem like a bizarre tip, but it is recommended that you can conduct your investigation between these times due to the common facts that more ghosts are seen at night and most people die during their sleep.

   4. Never Wear Perfume Or Aftershave During Your Investigation

It is not uncommon for paranormal investigation groups to smell strange aromas during their investigations. By not wearing perfume or aftershave, you are eliminating the possibility of false evidence occurring.

   5. Always Respect Your Locations, And Of Course, The Dead

Paranormal Investigation teams that gain acess to haunted locations are very lucky. And it is always a good idea to be very respectful of the location. Please remember to clean up after yourselves, as it has been known for locations to ban further investigations because of the actions of some groups.

   It is also important to be respectful to the dead. "Ghost-baiting"-where you insult, swear, or use other profane laguage when addressing a spirit, or move objects that are revered in the location is becoming increasingly common as a way to communicate, and is not a preferred method of objective investigation.

   6. Remain Objective During Your Investigation

The basis of an objective investigation is to question all possible phenomena before you decide they are of a paranormal nature. This includes getting professionals to look at photographs and allowing different people to view the evidence. Only when there can be no other explanation for the phenomena can it be deemed paranormal.

   7. Be Aware Of The Amount Of Investigation That is Required

Paranormal Investigation is not only attending the investigation itself, but trudging through hour upon hour of locked-off

camera footage. On a normal investigation, you may get around 15 to 20 hours of footage and  every second of it has to be analyzed.

   8. Always Take More Batteries Than You Could Possibly Need

It has been known for objects used during a paranormal investigation to cease to function during the investigation itself. The common school of thought on this topic is that if there are any spirits present, that they drain the power sources available in order to try to respond to any questions you may ask. However; this does not discount faulty batteries.

   9. Glow Sticks, Glow Sticks, Glow Sticks

If you do reach a situation where your batteries have died, and you are left with no light-then it is recommended that you have a few glow sticks with you. These are chemical-based light sources and cannot be drained of power.

   10. Always Be Polite-This Goes For Ghosts, Too!!

Manners cost nothing. If the proprietor of a venue has allowed you acess to a location, then it is a great idea to write a letter of thanks, and also allow them the opportunity to sit in on your investigation. It is highly recommended that you thank the spirits attwmpting to communicate with you.

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