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"Get To Know Your Ghosts"

Posted by Serious Paranormal Investigative Society on April 7, 2010 at 9:50 PM



There are four types of hauntings in the paranormal world, Poltergeists, Residual Haunting, Intelligent Haunting, and Demonic Haunting. The first one we will talk about is Poltergeist.


Poltergeist is a German word meaning "noisy spirits". Reports of Poltergeist activity date back to ancient Rome. The activity usually centers around one certain person in the household, usually a teenager and most times that of a female. It may seem that the poltergeist activity may be the most active when this person is in the house and may dwindle down or cease all together when that person is absent. This person is usually under an extreme amount of stress or has recently gone through a highly emotional period.

In most cases the female teenager is unaware that she is controlling the energy around her and is causing the poltergeist activity herself. If this person is highly stressed it is recommended that this person gets medical help and usually the activity will cease. However there are cases where a person who is stable and in the right mind space can have poltergeist activity as well.

The majority of the time the poltergeist is witnessed by several people but again is usually centered on one particular person.

The activity that takes place usually starts with a series of loud bangs and knocks and can escalate into furniture sliding across the floor, dishes or objects being hurled across the room or beds shaking.

When it is not the teenager that is manifesting the activity, there are usually several spirits in the area that appear to pool their energy together to make them strong enough to move large objects and make more noises.

In order to fix the situation, one must find the cause of their anger so they can go into the light and leave you in peace. In most poltergeist cases they will disappear without any warning just as they appeared. In certain cases, it may stop within a few days or at other times it may take many years for the activity to stop.

You may never know the reason why the activity happened, most people are just grateful that it stops and that's good enough for them. If you are one of the lucky ones who is able to understand and know why the activity started, you are better able to keep it from coming back again. Knowledge is the key to protecting yourself!

Residual Haunting

The most well known type of haunting is called a Residual Haunting. A Residual Haunting is like a recorded video in time that keeps playing over and over. The energy of a person gets stuck in a time warp and it keeps repeating the moment in time over and over again. This person seen in a Residual Haunting may be screaming, crying or doing something else that they were doing when whatever violent or sudden action occurred to cause this traumatic event to happen. People may even hear the sound of footsteps walking in hallways or up or down stairs.

Most times, the repeated event is whatever the activity the person who left the energy behind did often or an important thing they remembered happening to them. It is like their energy has become part of the building that they once lived in or worked in on a regular basis, These hauntings always happen in the same place at the same time.

There is not much that you can do when you have this type of haunting except make the family aware that this is just a loop in time so to speak and that it will not hurt anyone. There is no actual entity present, it is just the energy that was left behind playing itself over and over again. Even though it is not aware of anyone being present it is scary for someone to witness this type of haunting in their home or business.

This activity may happen every night, week, month or year. It is the most frequent haunting that paranormal investigators will come across on an investigation. An investigator will tell you that there is nothing they can do to stop or get rid of this type of haunting and they are right. The only thing you can do as a home owner or business owner is to either accept it as a unique "perk" of your home or business or to sell your home or business and move to someplace else. Remember, this type of haunting cannot hurt you!

Intelligent Haunting

An Intelligent Haunting is where the spirit or entity is aware of its surroundings, and the people in it. In this type of haunting, the spirits are not confined to just one spot, they can move around freely and will acknowledge the existence of people and may even try to communicate with them. Let's say you are asking a question of the spirit like "Can you tell me your name?" In an intelligent haunt, the spirit may answer your question.

They are limited in what they can do, most of the time they can move light objects, they are looking for people to notice them but usually end up scaring people a great deal instead.

Usually the peak time for this type of haunting to happen is between the hours of 11 p.m. 4 p.m. It is during these hours that spirits seem more able to make themselves more visible because they are the darkest hours of the night. Most of the time they are not strong enough to show themselves during the day, because it takes to much energy to make themselves visible, although some people have witnessed this happening. An example of this would be to turn on a flashlight during the day, you would hardly see the light, but if you turned it on at night in the dark, you would clearly see the light. This is how spirits work, if they use up too much of their energy in the daytime, they will be too weak to become visible at night or make their presence known.

These spirits can be mischievous, or benevolent depending on why they are haunting a location, and there can be several reasons why. They could be haunting because they've discovered that a child can see them and so they feel notice and are willing to "hang around" because of this. They may

be haunting because this was once their home or business and do not wish to leave it, and they want you to leave. There may be something in the home or business that they are attached to and are staying because of some emotional bond they have with it. they may also be looking for something or someone, they may not even be able to accept the fact that they have died. Whatever the reason is, they are there and are unwilling to move on.

Now, how to get rid of them? They are not inhuman entities so getting a priest to get rid of them will probably not be helpful. You are limited in what you can do to get them to leave. You can try to tell them that they are dead and need to "go into the light", but if they are unwilling to move on by themselves you are stuck with them. So either accept them and co-exist with them or move to someplace else!

The last type of haunting is probably the worst and most feared... a Demonic Haunting.

Demonic Haunting

Demons are one of the more well known inhuman entities around and fortunately they rarely attach themselves to a person or place. It is usually very easy to figure out their identity unless they are hiding. In a demonic haunting, you will usually notice a strong acrid smell of sulfur or rotting flesh. This smell will be so strong it will make you sick to your stomach. They also let loose a growl that sounds like it is all around you. You can be pushed, shoved, hit or even scratched by one of these entities. The air in the surrounding area will feel very thick, and hot.

These entities are very strong and unlike people are not afraid to show it, people have been reported to have been thrown through the air and attacked. They like to break down a person's free will to make it easier to possess them. It can take anywhere from days, months or years for this to happen, time is not a concern to them, they have all the time in the world to complete their task.

Their hatred of mankind goes all the way back to the time of God and Lucifer or Satan as some have called him. They were around for many eons before man and will be around long after mankind is gone, so please understand that although you may be able to get rid of them with the help of a priest, you will never be able to destroy them.

Protective Blessing

Posted by Serious Paranormal Investigative Society on January 26, 2010 at 8:55 PM

   This blessing is devoid of any religious affiliation as it is our view that everyone must draw upon his or her own faith or or source of inner strength.

   Upon arriving at the site of a paranormal investigation especially where a negative spirit or entity has manifested it is wise for the investigators to shield themselves and say a blessing for protection.

   One quick way of doing this is to have everyone gather in a circle, you can either hold hands or not, while one person states the following blessing:

   "As we enter this place where impressions of the past are trapped and associations linger, let us do so with the assurance that we are guarded by the Power which proceeds from forthright and peaceful intent. We envision a white radience encircling us, fortifying us and protecting us from any harm or distraction in our purpose this day."

Scout It Out

Posted by Serious Paranormal Investigative Society on January 26, 2010 at 8:15 PM

   When you decide to go on any paranormal investigation or "ghost hunt" you should always plan everything out in advance and take any precautions necessary so you don't end up getting hurt. Sometimes during an investigation you can become nervous, afraid, and your emotions can run rampet, this can be dangerous if you don't know the area that you are investigating.

   We strongly suggest that before doing an investigation anywhere that you go to the location and do a dry run thru the area you are planning to investigate during the daylight.Get to know the area, be aware of any possible hazards that might pop up during the night while on the investigation, this saves you from getting hurt and spending your time in a hospital instead of on the investigation. This is a good idea for many reasons, the first one is you will be able to spot any obsticles, you can form a map in your head of the area, you can take note of any noises or drafts and where they are coming from making it easier to make an accurate judgement of any paranormal activity on the site.

   You might discover that if you had gone at night you could have missed the NO TRESPASSING sign or the sign that said TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT that you would have seen if you would have scouted the site out in the daylight first. If you ever do see any signs like these, please get permission first from whoever may own the land before you do an investigation. It will save you pain and and possible any fines or jail time. So please remember to sout it out first, taking camera's, pen and paper and anything else that might help you plan the investigation and make it safer, accurate and efficient. We would really hate for you to miss seeing an apparition because you are busy picking yourself up from the ground after tripping over a log or other obsticles.


Having A Little Respect

Posted by Serious Paranormal Investigative Society on January 25, 2010 at 9:15 PM

   Ok, you want to investigate a haunted place or location, it could be a cemetary, an abandoned house or building or even a house that still has people living in it. There is one rule that you must follow and that is to have respect! You must respect the people that you are helping, the people you are with, if it's a cemetary you must respect those who reside there as it's their final resting place.Never trespass on private property, always ask for permission first if you want to investigate a place that is privately owned, this shows respect but will also keep you out of the slammer.

   Always leave the place you investigate better than you found it, if you bring something with you to eat, take your trash with you when you leave. If you see someone elses' trash pick it up and dispose of it properly. It's always good to keep some trash bags and disposable gloves in your car to pick up any litter you may find. This shows respect for the land and nature and both will appreciate it! If you are investigating someone's house or business, be respectful of them and it, clean up after yourself! It may not seem very important to you but it is to others and when you show respect for the places you investigate, it makes it easier to be invited back to do another investigation!

Astral Critters

Posted by Serious Paranormal Investigative Society on January 25, 2010 at 7:40 PM

   Many times we get asked the question "Can anything follow you home?" Unfortunately the answer is yes they can! Sometimes there are situations where a spirit or entity or something will follow you home from a haunted residence or location, what is this? Is it a spirit? A dead relative? Could it be elementals such as fairies, elves, goblins? (The last few things are non-human entities) Any of these could very well attach themselves to you and follow you home in the hopes of making themselves comfortable until they choose to leave, have to leave or we make them leave.

   Whatever they are they can cause problems! On every investigation we recommend that everyone ground themselves and protect themselves. How do you so that you may ask? Simple. First you envision a bright white light of protection coming down from heaven and entering the top of your head. Picture this light filling your entire body and exiting the soles of your feet into the ground (hence the grounding part), then picture the light coming back out of the ground and enclosing around you as if you were in a balloon of white light. While doing this, ask Archangel Michael to protect you. Often a haunted location usually has a "portal" somewhere on the property, it is through this portal that spirits, and or elementals use to enter and exit our world from their demension. Most times these are ghosts that are stuck here and are unable to leave for whatever reason, but sometimes other entities can come through these portals as well. They like to attach themselves to people that they find interesting because of maybe something they have like a piece of investigation equipment that looks interesting to them, or because of the investigator themselves and then there becomes an attraction and they attach themselves to this person and go home with them. We always state before we head for home, that anything that is attached to us, any of our equipment or our vehicles must stay, that they are not allowed to go home with us and then we call on the Archangel Michael to remove anything that maybe attached to us, our equipment, or our vehicles. Most times this works, but sometimes it doesn't and you can end up taking something home with you and that's when the real trouble begins!

   Strange things start to happen, like the TV starts to act up, appliances turn on or off for no reason, you hear strange knocking or noises. Things start falling off the shelves, the cat hisses or the dog growls at something that you can't see, you may see movement out of the corner of your eye but when you look there is nothing there. Your possessions may disappear from one place and reappear in another. Sometimes the person experiencing this activity will be confused at whats going on and start to think their losing their mind, then they start seeing it for themselves. If it is a spirit or an apparition, you may see the outline of it, a part of it or a full body. If it's an elemental, you may see it out of the corner of your eye, rarely is it seen directly. It's usually about three feet tall and usually green or brown in color. It is rare to have it directly interact with or harm  a person but it is more likely to become an annoyance and will wear out it's welcome. If it's a spirit or ghost you need to tell it to leave, that it's not welcome to stay and that it needs to move on or go back to where it came from. If it's an astral critter you have two choices, one to get rid of it which we highly recommend or two, keep it as an exotic pet, which we strongly advise against doing! Some people don't believe in the existence of these creatures but people on Europe such as Ireland, Scotland and other areas of the world claim to believe in them and see them to this day!

  Ok, how do you get rid of them you may ask? On the good side they usually leave on their own within a week, but on the other side, you may get one who won't leave and then that's when you need to take action. Listed below are some suggestions taken from folklore that people claim to still work today:

1). Placing pepper and vinegar in a dish can deter them.

2). Ringing a loud bell throughout your house can cause them to leave.

3). Keep a piece of iron on you, a small piece, it is said they don't like it.

4). Just tell it to leave, and usually they do.

5). Use sage to cleanse your whole house.

6). Say a prayer to get rid of it, calling on Saints Michael and Barbara can remove it.

7). Finally, put chimes on your door, it won't return.

Let it know who's the boss and it should hit the road.

Today we need to be on guard against negative and annoying entites now you know how to get rid of them!

   *As an afterthought, if you have any mirrors on an exterior wall of your house, these are walls with windows, doors or walls not in the center of your house, take them down! Spirits and entities can use these as portals to enter your home from their demension! You can take small mirrors and place them, reflective side toward the four corners of your house at the floor level and this will keep spirits from entering your house. Just a tidbit of information we received from psychic Jane Dougherty.

S.P.I.S- Who we are and what we believe

Posted by Serious Paranormal Investigative Society on November 15, 2009 at 2:10 PM

   S.P.I.S is a paranormal research and investigation group that is currently looking for places to investigate that have paranormal activity or is believed to be "haunted". We are a dedicated and serious paranormal investigation group. We are respectful of the the people we encounter and of the places that we investigate. We do not charge to do an investigation, however any monetary contributions would be gratefully accepted and appreciated. We believe in scientifically debunking any paranormal activity caught on digital or video equipment or with personal experiences, we try to find a logical explanation for the paranormal activity. If we are unable to find a logical explanation, then we may have to consider that it might be paranormal.

We promise to bring professionalism, confidentiality and personality to each and every case we investigate. We understand that it may be hard and uncomfortable for you to have to call us, and we want to inform our clients that we will respect your right to privacy. We bring recording devices to our clients home or businesses to capture evidence of paranormal activity, we will not share or publish any of the media or details of our investigations without the permission of our clients.

   We are not amateurs, we are experienced paranormal investigators. We will bring a levelheaded, calm and comfortable atmosphere into our clients home or business, in short, we will take every measure to make our clients comfortable and try to relieve any concerns or fears that they may have. We will listen to our clients experiences with understanding and compassion, then we will set up our equipment and begin  to try and recreate and debunk any personal experiences in an attempt to find solid evidence to prove or disprove any paranormal activity, after which we will share our results with our clients and come to a conclusion. Our clients are welcome to copies of any of the recorded media and may contact us at any time in the future if further asisstance or investigation is needed. Please remember, although we like to have fun, we understand our clients concerns and the seriousness of their situation.

   If you know of any or have a location that is having paranormal activity and would like us to investigate it, you may go to our guestbook and leave your name, email address and phone number and any details about the location and someone will contact you.

   S.P.I.S is also accepting new members to our team. If  you are dedicated and serious about investigating the paranormal and would like to be a member of our team, then please go to our guestbook and leave your name, email address and phone number and someone will be in contact with you.

How to protect yourself against negative spirits & entity's

Posted by Serious Paranormal Investigative Society on July 15, 2009 at 10:30 PM

   Do you know how to protect yourself from a negative spirit or entity? In this blog I will tell you how to do that based on my experience and what I have learned. I use to belong to another paranormal investigation group, from this group and it's members I learned how to investigate the paranormal, and how to protect myself from negative spirits, for that I am extremely grateful. However, I grew to dislike some of the things that were going on in the group as far as the behavior of other team members towards former members of the group, and the way other paranormal groups were being treated, this made me uncomfortable. I have no ill feelings against my former group, everything I learned about investigating the paranormal from them is greatly appreciated and I am, as I said earlier extremely grateful!!! However, I believe in treating people decently, and long story short, I am no longer with the former group. So anyone who may read this, as nicely as I can put this, if you don't know what went on as far as what happened, it is not your place to judge others, only the almighty has the right to judge people!!!! I only wish my former group, peace and happiness from here on out!! I decided to leave and form another paranormal investigating group. Enough of that, so how do you protect yourself from attacks from negative spirits or entity's? Anyone who is going to investigate the paranormal needs to protect themselves first!!!!  There are many ways of doing this but two ways I know of, I learned from the founder of the former group that I was in, and I have also heard about these two ways from other people as well.

   The first being, that you can say the prayer of Saint Michael, the archangel and ask for protection from any and all negative spirits and entity's. The other way is to imagine a bright white light from heaven entering the top of your head, going through your entire body, exiting your feet, into the ground and coming back up to surround your entire body in a bubble of white light of protection. As I said earlier, I learned this from the founder of my former group, and it actually works!!! And for being taught this, I am extremely grateful and I am also grateful for their teaching me how to investigate the paranormal. As far as whoevever reads this blog, I hope this has been helpful and informative to you on how to protect yourself before going on an investigation against attacks from negative spirits or entity's.                                                            


                                                      THE PRAYER OF SAINT MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -by the Divine Power of God - cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits, who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.      


   Thanks for stopping by!!!